“Twyla Tharp’s world-class troupe of 14 dancers tells these stories one after the other. They are required to not only be well-trained, graceful and masterful in their art, but also built to endure the raw physicality of Tharp’s seemingly unbridled but highly disciplined choreography. They also need to be beautiful enough to turn the romance and steamy sexuality in the music and lyrics into something palatable. They are and they do.”

-The News-Herald

"Tempestuous sizzler"

"Though the men are the alpha characters in Sinatra Land, the women have their ways, too. There's the cool blonde who holds her pursuers at arm's length (Meredith Miles, and what arms — and legs), the gal who can give as well as she gets (Ashley Blair Fitzgerald, fearless) or the unpredictable and tempestuous sizzler (Ioana Alfonso)."

-Hartford Courant